Marie Dariel really is a fantastic well-being coach, friendly, composed, reassuring, gently assertive, charismatic, humble, professional, focused and result orientated. A couple of sessions were enough to rid me of my old negative beliefs, and give me that incredible boost which I am still gliding on several months later. With three carefully chosen pieces of advice, Marie also managed to transform the quality of my sleep which in turn has helped me regain some clarity over my professional project.

I can highly recommend Marie's coaching services. 

Sonia Andre

Entrepreneur and self-employed Food Drink & Fresh Produce Import/Export expert, UK

Marie had a very positive effect on my life. She coached me through important issues in my personal life as well as my career. Marie is a very lovely person and makes you feel very comfortable when discussing prevalent matters. Her method was very encouraging and I would not hesitate to recommend Marie to any new client who is looking for coaching and advice on how to tackle difficult issues one may have.

Karine Pawell

Producer at CHE Proximity, Sydney, Australia

Une première expérience en coaching avec Marie Dariel m’a été extrêmement favorable - son sens de la précision, du retour d’expérience et une écoute exceptionnelle contribuent à rendre la démarche individuelle de coaching très efficace, tout en ouvrant des pistes de réflexion insoupçonnées. Marie apporte une bonne opportunité de revoir et approfondir ses intuitions et questionnements avec rigueur et grande subtilité. Merci!

Miren Bengoa

Executive Director, Chanel Foundation - CHANEL

Marie's coaching will take you beyond the goals you have imagined.

Taking risks is not something Marie fears and this gift enables her able to take me on a journey that is inside me and wants to be lived fully.

Among Marie 's secret ingredients are kindness, humour, smartness and incredible creativity. It is a privilege to be coached by Marie and I am grateful for the time and work we do together.

Caroline Giffon-Wee

Social Sustainability and Development Project Finance Officer, Inter-American Development Bank

Marie is a brilliant facilitator and communicator in practice. On a seven-day incubator, she had to communicate with many people from different fields and she dealt with all things perfectly. She is a fast-learner, her international work experience in various industries enables her to learn and use the new knowledge and related skills in a short period of time. I have to say I was and still am most impressed by her.


Jackee Gao Ren 任高亮

Shanghai Mega Studio City Investment Holding Co.,Ltd. 上海浦东国际文化产业投资控股有限公司

Marie listens and holds your space so you can explore your options.  She not only gave me a view of self love and confidence but helped me see life with determination and focus.  

I now feel revitalised and can’t wait to move forward with a different perspective using the tools I truly feel Marie has equipped me with.  

I would not hesitate to highly recommend Marie, you certainly won’t regret it. 

Lynn Clements

Property Developer, UK

Coaching with Marie is having a transformational impact on my life. Marie’s ability to transcribe my desires, feelings and passions in to reality is aiding me to live in the moment, to be present and fully submersed in ‘my flow’. Coaching with Marie is a gift.

Michelle Hines

Senior Account Manager, Quanta, Worcester, UK

Marie is an excellent coach.  She listens intently and truly hears what is going on beneath the surface, and finds opportunities to take the conversation to a deeper level. She is sensitive and supportive while doing this.  As a result of our coaching sessions I learnt more about myself, gained confidence, and have become more effective in my work. 


Sarah Bodien

Organisation & Leadership Development Specialist - London, UK

Marie est un coach exceptionnel! C’est un vrai bonheur de retrouver Marie toutes les semaines par téléphone et de ressortir de chaque séance pleine d’énergie et d’envie d’avancer.  Sa maîtrise parfaite des techniques de coaching lui permet d’approfondir des thématiques autant personnelles que professionnelles. Chaque session est impeccablement rythmée et efficace et m’emmène exactement là je souhaite aller. Marie s’assure toujours avec grande intelligence et perspicacité que les actions sur lesquelles je m’engage soient réalistes et correspondent à mon caractère. 

Caroline Giffon-Wee

Social Risk Specialist, World Bank, Washington, USA

I did not know what to expect from my first session with Marie. Talking about myself does not come easy to me. However, she made me feel comfortable and listened to. And even more, I could feel that I can trust her. I knew I wanted another job but had no confidence in myself. I could not think of anything I would be able to offer to anyone. Marie talked me through and made me realise that actually, I can do a lot of things! I came out with a list of qualities that I can write in my application and talk about during my interviews. She made me feel good about myself. In result, I could not wait to get home and start searching for a new job.

And here I am, with a new job offer and the feeling that I can do anything I want. Thank you!


NHS, Harlow, UK

I have been working with Marie on my book writing, discussing problems and difficulties I encountered along the way. She has always been a very enthusiastic listener, and a great adviser who could point out alternatives I wouldn’t have seen alone. I also ran all my final edits through her before publishing my work, and intend to continue doing so.

David Cohen Corval

Science-Fiction/Fantasy Author - Paris, France

Marie has challenged me, pushing me to explore professional paths I had not dared envisaging before, and to recognise competences and interests I had long overlooked. She has done so kindly, but firmly, inviting me to revisit and interrogate my self-imposed views of myself, and to act accordingly. In her gentle, coaxing way, she has led me to redefine my professional ambitions, and to aim higher – or rather, more accurately – than I had done before working with her.


Paris, France

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